State Personnel Board Archived (Historical) Policy Memos

The database below represents all of the historical policy memos ("pinkies") issued by the State Personnel Board from 1960-2014. The database serves to provide departments and employee organizations information as to the current status of each pinkie and associated historical information. For any pinkie that is listed as "Under Review" in the Action column, it is currently being reviewed by our subject matter expert work groups (SMEs). The Action column reflects the recommendation that was received by the SPB from the SME work groups, but the final decision to revoke a pinkie or to pursue regulatory or new manual content adoption is solely that of the Board. The Action Date column reflects the date a pinkie was formally revoked by the Board or the date that the pinkie was adopted as rule or updated policy. If you would like to request a copy of any pinkie that is not currently posted to the database, please email your request to Please include the date of the pinkie you need within your email message.

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State Personnel Board Archived (Historical) Policy Memos
Date Issued 
Action Date 
Appeals  4/18/1968Proposed Adoption of State Personnel Board Rule 66 Relating to Dismissal of Appeals Referred to the Hearing Officer Unless Heard within Three YearsRevoke - Superseded by Rule 58.37/9/2013
Appeals  1/23/1970Processing Appeals from Oral InterviewsRevoke - Outdated Hearing Announcement7/9/2013
Appeals  11/15/1971State Personnel Board Hearing Concerning Employees' Right to Appeal Rejection Made During a Probationary PeriodRevoke - Outdated Hearing Announcement7/9/2013
Appeals  12/29/1971Discussion of Proposed Changes to the Oral Interview Appeals ProcessRevoke - Outdated Hearing Announcement7/9/2013
Appeals  3/11/1972Changes in the Hearing Process of QAP and EDA AppealsRevoke - Outdated Process7/9/2013
Appeals  4/15/1975Time Limitations on Rights of Appeal Resulting from Punitive ActionsRevoke - Superseded by Rule7/9/2013
Appeals  11/12/1975Punitive Action - Adoption of Rule 61Revoke - Superseded by Law or Reg7/9/2013
Appeals  1/16/1976Implementation of Rule 61 - Right to Respond to Charges Prior to Punitive ActionRevoke - Superseded by Law or Reg7/9/2013
Appeals  3/11/1977Interpretation of State Personnel Board Rule 61Revoke - Superseded by Law or Reg7/9/2013
Appeals  7/8/1977Discussion of Proposed Changes to the Oral Interview Appeals ProcessRevoke - Outdated7/9/2013
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