Filing an Appeal

Filing an Online Appeal

Appeals may be filed using the Appeals Online System (AOS), a web-based application that allows parties to file an appeal or complaint with SPB electronically. In order to file an appeal or complaint electronically, you must have a valid email address and telephone number.

AOS allows the filer to attach a Microsoft Word or a Portable Document File (.pdf) with a size of up to 20 MB. For larger files, please mail them to the address above.

File an Appeal

Questions regarding the filing of appeals should be directed to, or by telephone at (916) 653-0799.

Filing an Appeal Through Mail, E-Mail, or Fax

Most appeals may be filed directly with the SPB Appeals Division. Some complaints must be filed with the department first; and if unresolved, an appeal may then be filed with the SPB Appeals Division.

SPB Rule 52.4 requires all appeals to be in writing. An appeal must also clearly identify the facts that form the basis for your request, all known parties, and specify the remedy or relief requested. To assist you in properly filing an appeal, the SPB has developed the SPB Appeal Forms for filing with instructions. Please complete all information requested by the form.

Appeal/Complaint Form

Appeals within SPB's jurisdiction should be mailed or delivered to:

State Personnel Board
Appeals Division
801 Capitol Mall, MS #22
Sacramento, CA 95814

FAX: (916) 654-6055

Or by email at:

When to File

Appeals must be filed with SPB within the time frames specified by statute or rule or it may be dismissed.

SPB Appeals Process

The SPB appeals process may involve an evidentiary hearing before an ALJ, a less formal non-evidentiary hearing before a staff hearing officer, or an informal investigation, with or without hearing. The SPB strives to resolve appeals 6 months from the date of filing. Decisions in evidentiary appeals are rendered within a reasonable time from submission. Normally, SPB hearings are open to the public. A party may be represented by counsel, any other person or organization, or may represent him/herself.